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Cosmetic products are used on a daily basis and, therefore, require careful control in order to guarantee the safety of users. This control must ensure compliance with the regulations required by European legislation regarding the components and their maximum authorized limits in the finished product. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that the characteristics of the finished and marketed product are identical to those of the initial formulation designed, since otherwise the efficacy of the product could be reduced and even be harmful to users. To carry out this analytical control, it is necessary to develop analytical methods that can be used for the analysis of the components of all types of cosmetic formulations.

Moreover, since some of these components can be found at trace level in very diverse and complex samples, methods with good selectivity and high sensitivity are required. To this end, at we are developing new analytical strategies based on the use of various microextraction techniques, which allow the concentration and clean-up of the matrix. Moreover, it is desirable that these methods are fast and, as far as possible, their use is harmless both for the operator and for the environment.

To this end, our research group has been working since its foundation (1999) on the design, development, validation and application of methods for the analytical control of cosmetic products and raw materials, as well as their impact on humans and the environment, determining the concentration of authorized, restricted and prohibited components.


Biomarkers are those substances that report on the normal state of some biological process or indicate the response of the organism to a pathological process or a pharmacological treatment.

The development of methodologies that allow the detection of small changes in the levels considered as ‘normal’ for those biomarkers, allows not only to diagnose the disease but also to detect it early, even long before the symptomatology manifests

Bioanalysis usually comprises the determination of compounds at very low concentrations in complex biological matrices. Besides, sample amount may be a challenge because large volumes of these samples are often not available. As a consequence, these matrices require more or less time-consuming sample pretreatments, usually based in (micro)extraction techniques and followed by powerful separation and detection techniques (chromatography, mass spectrometry…)

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