Ionic liquid-based liquid-phase microextraction techniques

C. Azorín, J.L. Benedé, A. Chisvert

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Ionic liquids (ILs) have been consolidated as alternative to conventional organic solvents in liquid-phase microextraction (LPME) techniques due to their tuneable properties. They have been used not only as extraction solvents, but also as auxiliary solvents. In this chapter, an overview of LPME-based approaches, i.e., single-drop microextraction (SDME), hollow-fiber liquid-phase microextraction (HFLPME) and dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME), and their subsequent modifications, using ILs is presented. Thus, the fundamentals of these LPME-based techniques are revisited, but special emphasis is placed on the advantages that ILs provide to each one over traditional solvents when they are used as extraction or auxiliary solvents. The limitations concerning their compatibility with the analytical instruments and how they can be solved are also discussed when appropriate. However, due to the vast number of published analytical methods where ILs are used in LPME-based techniques, this chapter does not aim to do an exhaustive revision of them, but only emphasize the developments in the field.

    Keywords: Ionic liquids; Liquid-phase microextraction; Sample preparation; Single-drop; Hollow-fiber; Dispersive

    Full reference:
    C. Azorín, J.L. Benedé, A. Chisvert. Ionic liquid-based liquid-phase microextraction techniques. In: S. Carda-Broch, M. Ruiz-Angel, eds. Ionic Liquids in Analytical Chemistry. 1st ed. Elsevier; 2021. p 73-102. ISBN: 9780128233344