Hair Dyes in Cosmetics: Regulatory Aspects and Analytical Methods

A. Chisvert, P. Miralles, A. Salvador



Hair dye cosmetic products are used for colouring hair. These products are mainly classified into two categories according to their duration in the hair, i.e., temporary and permanent. This classification is in line with the type of active ingredients involved in the dyeing process and with the dyeing process itself, commonly known as non-oxidative and oxidative hair dye products. Owing to the different side effects described for these active cosmetic ingredients, some of them have been prohibited during the past years, whereas others have been restricted in the different legislations in force. The aim of this chapter is to familiarize the reader with the different compounds used as hair dyes and the legislation regulating these compounds, and especially to review the existing analytical methods for hair dye determination in cosmetic products.

Keywords: Hair dye products, Non-oxidative hair dyes, Oxidative hair dyes, Safety.

Full reference:
A. Chisvert, P. Miralles, A. Salvador, Hair Dyes in Cosmetics: Regulatory Aspects and Analytical Methods. In: A. Salvador, A. Chisvert, eds. Analysis of Cosmetic Products. 2nd ed. Elsevier; 2018. p 159-173. ISBN: 9780444635082